Thank you for being a part of our wedding


Maid of Honor

    The beautiful maid of honor, Alisha.  Lisa and Alisha have been friends for almost 20 years dating back to middle school! Alisha is the life of every party and brings out the best in everyone around her. Her upbeat personality, contagious energy, and gorgeous zest for life makes it no wonder she’s Lisa’s best friend!

    As a special education teacher she is truly gifted in her work and changes the lives of her students with her love, compassion, and relentless commitment to her profession. Alisha lives in Bend, Oregon where she enjoys skiing, spending time outdoors with her dog Buckley, and making the most out of life.


Best Man

    Kendall is the younger brother of the groom and has been gathering material for his best man speech over the past 32 years.  Kendall is know for his fun loving personality and go-with -the–flow style.  He is the on-air personality in most of the Schoenrock home movies.  

    He attended Villanova University where he earned both a Bachelor's degree and his MBA.  He and his wife are currently expecting a baby girl and live in Philadelphia.



    The middle sister of the bride. Alena is probably the funniest person you’ll ever meet. Lisa can always count on Alena to make her laugh and put her in a good mood no matter what. Over the years they’ve become the best of friends and many of Lisa’s fondest memories include her times with Alena.  

    From the time they were kids until their days at MSU Alena has always taken Lisa under her wing and protected her as only a big sister could.  Alena is a 4th grade teacher in Clarkston, Michigan and has a remarkable way with children.  

    Alena is mother to Lisa’s niece and flowergirl Ava, 2, who will be escorted down the aisle by her brother Dylan, 3.  The beautiful Hall family looks like something out of a magazine!


    This girl may be the smartest (and most humble) person in Los Angeles, or anywhere for that matter. Lisa and Ashley met only a few years ago in anesthesia school but have become inseparable since.  Ashley is the most loyal, selfless, and sweetest friend you could ask for.  

    She is singlehandedly responsible for keeping Lisa sane during graduate school! Ashley gives her whole heart to her friends and family and has a tireless enthusiasm for life.  Ashley is from Florida and is a University of Florida alumnus.  She works as a CRNA at Kaiser Permanente in West Los Angeles. 


    Michelle, the stunning redhead, is Lisa’s oldest sister. Michelle has been wise beyond her years since she was a toddler.  The best big sister anyone could ask for Michelle’s love runs deep.

    When Lisa first started elementary school and was homesick she would sneak off to her big sisters classroom and Michelle would hug her, wipe away her tears, and make it all better. She has always been a shoulder to lean on and a source of counsel to Lisa.  

    Michelle is a high school English teacher in Milford, MI.  She and her handsome husband Forrest are the proud parents of Alex, 5, and Colin, 2 the adorable ring bearers!  Prepare to be blown away by these red-headed child geniuses! 


    Sarah is another lifelong friend of the bride. Sarah and Lisa became friends in middle school and have had a special bond ever since. Sarah is a beautiful person inside and out. She has a knack for always finding the good in people and situations.

    Everyone loves this gorgeous woman! Working as a flight attendant Sarah lives a glamorous life traveling and exploring the country. Sarah lives in Brighton, MI and has a huge family that she loves dearly.



    Eric and Anderson have been close friends for the past 10 years and were roommates when Anderson moved to Santa Monica.  

    Eric is also known as the "Plan Man" for his unique desire to set everyone's schedule down to the minute as well as implementing other interesting plans.  You may find him on the wedding night at the bar following his strict "Water, Beer, Water, Beer" drinking plan.  Eric lives in Long Beach, CA with his wife Laura and their son Brayden who is could easily be a baby model.


    Mike and Anderson met at Dartmouth and quickly bonded over their love of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Mike is one of Anderson's closest friends and is his business partner and co-founder of ScanDigital.  Mike always seems to know where the party is going to be and operates in two speeds: on and off.  

    You will likely see him in "On" mode at the wedding and good luck keeping up with him.  Mike operates on "Mothner Time" which is precisely 15 minutes later than whatever time zone he is currently in.  Mike lives in Redondo Beach, California with Savanna, his girlfriend and Reggie, his dog.


    Sujan aka Sujerstar is one of Anderson's close friends from Dartmouth.  Sujan and Anderson met during the first week of freshman year and quickly became friends.  

    Anderson and Sujan lived together at various points, but most notably during the winter of their junior year in New York City where they both were investment banking interns.

     During this quarter most of their salary went towards drinks at Session 73 and late night kebabs at their favorite spot, Yatigans aka Mustafa Falafal.   Sujan currently resides in NYC with his wife Sharon and is a Vice President at Northstar Capital.


    Reid aka Fred the Dorf Dorfman aka Woody is another close friend of Anderson's from Dartmouth.  Reid and Anderson met during freshman week at a mandatory art exhibition which they quickly ditched to find the first house party of their freshman year.  

    Reid enjoys playing racquet sports, especially if your definition of racquet sports includes beer pong.  In the chaotic, fast paced world we live in, most of Reid's friends are in awe his lifestyle.  For example, he recently unsuccessfully tried to quit his job at Bosch to become a stay at home Dad.

    Bosch finding this entirely unacceptable told him to go ahead and stay home with the baby, but we'll pay you anyway.   Reid also found time while supposedly working full time to build an entire canoe by hand.  Reid, his wife Franki and their daughter Forrest will soon be relocating from Rochester, NY to Denver, CO"