The Bride & Groom

The Bride (as told by the Groom)


Meet the bride! Lisa was born and raised in Brighton, Michigan, the youngest of three daughters. When we first met, I was immediately drawn to this beautiful, intelligent and motivated midwesterner. I quickly learned that Lisa tends to be the best (or pretty darn close to it) at nearly everything she does and I have no doubt that this will extend to being my wife. In high school she was a talented athlete and one of the fastest cross country runners in the state of Michigan. Running is still something that Lisa enjoys to this day. Lisa then became a Spartan, attending Michigan State University where she graduated with a degree in hospitality business. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Lisa accepted a job with Schwans driving around the country in a 37 foot RV outfitted as a showroom. After a year trekking across nearly every state in the continental U.S. (and providing her friends and family with an endless supply of free drumsticks), Lisa realized that she had little interest in business and wanted to pursue something that would help people. She went back to MSU to earn a BA in Nursing. The combination of her caring personality and 4.0 GPA made her an ideal candidate for several of the nation's leading hospitals and Lisa decided to accept a position in the Neuro-Trauma ICU at UCLA Medical Center. Lucky for me, this brought her to Los Angeles where we would eventually meet. After 2 years at UCLA, Lisa was accepted into the prestigious Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia where she earned her masters degree. Quite a list of accomplishments! But the most amazing thing is how Lisa has remained and incredibly humble, caring and thoughtful person in spite of all she has done. She is loyal and values her family and close friends above all else. She's obsessed with her 3 nephews and niece and amazingly close with her sisters. Lisa also loves to watch sports, especially football (yeah, I know I hit the jackpot here)! My favorite thing about Lisa is her laugh – it is infectious and could light up any room. After a long day at the office, there is nothing better than coming home and laughing with Lisa. But the fun stops for about 8 hours, ideally 9 at 9 PM each night for Lisa to sleep. I've learned not to mess with the sleep schedule – once earplugs are in and the eye mask is on the day is done. I'm so excited about our future and the many adventures we'll share. I could not imagine a more ideal partner!

The Groom (as told by the Bride)


Meet the groom! Anderson is my hardworking, intelligent, fun-loving husband to be from Junction City, Kansas. After excelling in high school he set off for Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. While obtaining a History degree he met numerous lifelong friends (yes, he's a Frat guy) that he is still close with today. Upon wrapping up his Ivy League education he headed to New York City to work for Lehman Brothers. Shortly after 9/11 he realized he needed a change, and off to sunny California he went! After excelling in the business world he decided to start his own company (which he later sold) and then started another company, Scandigital, with a good friend. Scandigital is still his primary focus and has been an extraordinary success. Everyone knows what an ambitious and driven man Anderson is but not everyone knows how funny, loyal, and sweet he is! His gentle and kind demeanor is something I noticed on our first date. I was also intrigued by his confidence (I kept thinking-- hello, why am I the nervous one?!!) From that first date on we've been inseparable and have spent every chance we can spending time together laughing and having fun. A true lover of Diet Dr Pepper and Redvines, he's a diehard Laker's fan with a smile that lights up his entire face. He also loves structure and order. Did you know he has to watch television with the volume at an even number? The same goes for the temperature in his car. Lucky for me he loves to travel and enjoys the finer things in life. And best of all he's wonderful with children (and our dog Pedro). After four and a half years with Anderson I've never gotten tired of him and can't wait for our many years ahead.